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Accounts ERP is a proven cloud-based business management solution which can be used from any device connected to internet, including your Mobile Phone. It is being used by thousands of Traders, Manufactures and Service Providers to manage their Leads, Orders, Accounts, Inventory, Finance & Taxation.

Advanced features like Integrated Banking, Payment gateway, WhatsApp chatbot, Document Management, MIS Alerts & Communication through automated SMS, Email & WhatsApp etc. provide you a leading edge. Business Automation helps you automate receivables and other routine tasks, while Business Analytics helps you monitor and grow your business.

Optional modules include CRM with lead integration, Help-desk for after-sale service, Man-Management for time and task management, eShop to sell your products online, Payroll for managing Leaves, Attendance & Payroll and Customer Portal to allow your customers to log into your website to access their orders, invoices & ledger.

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BI Dashboard and Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard gives you synopsis of your business and helps you monitor your KPIs (Key-Performance-Indexes). There are many shortcuts to drill-down to voucher level and to quickly add new vouchers or generate various reports. Each user can configure the dashboard based on his/her KRA and privileges assigned to him/her.

You could easily generate graphs and reports for Sales by each Executive or Agent, Month wise sale, Product wise sale, Location wise Sale, Customer wise products sold, Expenses, Profit etc.

Most of the widgets support drill down to voucher level. Ex. You could click on outstanding amount in sales widget to see a list of outstanding invoices, then click on the voucher to open the invoice or choose to quickly enter a receipt simply by clicking on the corresponding option.


Business is all about taking right decisions at the right time

In absence of proper tools, most executives prepare their daily reports in excel and send it by WhatsApp or email. The accountant or back-office staff manually update these reports using traditional tools and prepare MIS reports. This leads to waste of time and delays decision making process.

Accounts ERP allows you and your staff to access and update data using any device connected to internet, including your Mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop. This helps you capture data in real-time. MIS alerts keep you updated about your business and BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard with built-in Analytics help you take informed decisions.


Growing business needs more than just an accounting software

Most businesses use accounting software only for compliance. Modern businesses need real-time data and analytics to stay ahead of competition. Traditional tools do not provide integrated solutions. You are forced to use multiple tools which leads to duplication of work, waste of time and resources.

Accounts ERP is an integrated solution which allows you to manage all aspects of your business including leads, orders, accounts, inventory, taxation, documents, time, man-power and after-sales-service.

One India - One Software

Accounts ERP is a software made in India, keeping Indian accounting practices in mind. Concepts have been tested and approved by thousands of users and chartered accountants, over a period of time.

With Accounts ERP, you don't need to buy different copies of software for each location and worry about synchronizing or merging data.

Accounts ERP is a truly Multi-User software which supports multiple companies with multiple branches having different GST Nos. and multiple departments in a single account. Users at all branches, dealers and customers can simultaneously access and update data in real-time.

Role-based security ensures that each user has limited access to specific information. You can track activities of each user with built-in Audit-trail and logs.

Executives can see stocks of each location, create sales orders or update collections using from their mobile phones.

Since data is captured at source, you can generate reports and graphs to analyse the data in real-time and take informed decisions.


Major Benefits

Modern technology comes with a host of benefits

Cloud based

Cloud computing allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. No dependency on any location or PC.

Fully Responsive

Accounts ERP can be accessed from any device connected to internet, including you PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

Easy To Use

Intuitive user interface makes it extremely easy to use. New user can easily understand and access all features.


Send automated SMS and Email alerts to your Customers, Vendors, Agents and Staff. Remain updated through MIS alerts.


Configure reports as required and print or export to Excel/PDF. Customize documents like invoices, receipts, quotations.


Latest technology ensures fast response to your queries even when you have thousands of customers and products.



Automatically capture leads from popular portals like Sulekha, Just-Dial, Urban-Pro, BNI etc. Also capture leads from your web-site with API integration. Send automated response (Company Profile / Brochure etc.) to leads.+


Manage your sales pipe-line and effectively track leads. It simplifies reporting and monitoring of sales team. Data capturing can be automated through Lead integration and API for your web-site, Just Dial, Sulekha, Urban Pro etc.


Manage your sales pipe-line and effectively track leads. It simplifies reporting and monitoring of sales team. Data capturing can be automated through Lead integration and API for your web-site, Just Dial, Sulekha, Urban Pro etc.


Complete books of accounts with Cash Purchase, Credit Purchase, Cash Sale, Credit Sale, Receipts, Payments, Expense Vouchers, Cash book, Bank Book, Debit and Credit Notes, Journal Vouchers, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

Inventory Management

Inventory management with multi-level Inventory grouping. Supports inventory for manufacturers with Bill of Materials and Production register. Inbuilt Serial-number tracking for Electronic industry. Bar-code generation, POS billing and much more.


Simplify taxation by quickly generating statutory reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, HSN-Summary, E-way bills etc. These can be directly uploaded to government portals. Also track TDS deducted and TDS payable.

Receivable Management

Send automated alerts when bills are generated, when bills become due and after due-date. Include payment-gateway link with all alerts and allow customers to pay using net-banking & credit cards. Automatically create receipts for on-line payments.

Time / Man-Management

Create jobs/tasks with estimated time required and due-date. Employees can update time-sheets for tasks assigned to them. Calculate cost of each job based on employee CTC and time-spent on each job. Track profitability from each customer and productivity of each employee.

AMC (Help-desk)

Allow customers to lodge complaints and create trouble tickets from your web-site. Track tickets for complaints and preventive maintenance, assign tickets to employees and get customer feedback for closed tickets. Track tickets and monitor Turn-Around-Time (TAT).


Automate your business by defining recurring vouchers, tasks. Define time-based and event-based alerts such as SMS/Email alerts when Invoice is created, payment received, PDC alerts before cheque-date, Receivable alerts before due-date, Periodic alerts for bills overdue, MIS alerts low-stock and daily sales/collection etc.

Document Management

Save paper and GO-GREEN with e-documents. You can attach supporting documents to each voucher and quickly search, download, print and mail documents from any location.

SMS/Email/WhatsApp alerts

Easily email Invoices and other documents to your Customers and Vendors. Send auto-generated Email, SMS & WhatsApp alerts like Overdue reminders to your customers. Also send other messages such as New Year wishes


Payroll with Attendance & Leave Management. You can manage attendance with bio-metric readers and calculate salaries. Define leave structures, allow employees to apply for leaves and management to approve/decline requests online.

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Demo Videos

ERP Demo
CRM Demo
Help Desk (AMC) Demo


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Top Six Reasons why you should switch to Accounts ERP accounting software

We have that one innate quality of greed stored inside us. For instance, I can say my mom would buy a particular product if it provided a lot of features in undoubtedly low price and well, sometimes I think business professionals too, are cautious about spending. Though their purchasing power is good, considering from a businessperson point of view they have actually to cover the costs to sustain their business. They would go for the products which are affordable for maximum benefits. And we would proudly say that Accounts ERP lives up to the expectations of thousands of users, who previously worked on traditional accounting software.

This one power action can bring all your companies together!

Some childhood lessons resonate so well in professional lives. Do you remember being told by your mother to be organized and keep things in place so that whenever required, you could find it easily? And touch your heart and say how many of us would do just the opposite! Yes, we have all gone through times when we have had to search various locations in the house for hours to look for that so important document that we thought we had kept it ‘safe.’ Such flashbacks bring a smile to our faces.

Simple, Easy, Fast - Is there anything more you want?

In a DIY world, the very first thing we look for while purchasing a product is the “Easy to Use” feature. Nowadays we do not have time to sit and explore the usage instructions of the products as it is quite a time-consuming process. In the meanwhile, delay in our work is something which we cannot afford, and it’s true that people or for a matter of fact working professionals always look out for the easiest way to do things appropriately.

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