Monitor Leads

Enter leads with minimum information like name, phone number and product/service and add more details at any point. This is the starting point for capturing client information. You could automatically capture leads from website and popular portals using Lead Integration.

Excel integration

Upload existing leads using excel to get started quickly. This can also be used for uploading bulk-data which you may receive from any source and then communicating with them or updating follow-ups using the CRM.


Quickly convert leads into opportunity after qualifying leads though BANT process (Budget, Need, Authority, Time Frame). Helps you ignore thousands of leads acquired through various sources and focus on qualified opportunities.

Dashboard and Mobile App for quick update

CRM provides various different Dashboards for Management and Sales Executives. The power of CRM can only be utilized if users find it easy to use and update. These dashboards are designed to help uses quickly find what they are looking for and update information with minimum effort.

Follow-up reminders

Automated reminders help users focus on immediate tasks by sending SMS and Email alerts about pending and upcoming tasks.


Ensure that your team regularly follows-up all leads and updates them on your CRM. You define rules for back-dated entries and set up-to 3 levels of escalation if any leads are not followed-up during specified time lines.

GPS tracking

Ensure that executives actually visit the client and are present at the reported location. Mobile app automatically captures their GPS location when they check-in or check-out of any location. Admin can view these locations using Google Maps.


Easily generate proposals, quotes & offers using pre-defined templates. It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and your proposal is normally the first communication with your customer. Templates help you avoid mistakes on part of your executives and create professional proposals with minimum effort. Advanced tools with HTML editor let you create templates with your logo and other images.

Sales Orders

Create and track sales orders received from clients. Print and mail Sales Orders directly from the CRM. Integrate CRM with Accounting System to directly create invoices from sales orders and track pending orders. This can also help executives know inventory available at various locations at the time of booking an order.


CRM analytical help you measure the effectiveness of your sales process and ultimately provide on in-sights to help your decision making. You can analyse CRM data and quickly generate meaningful charts based on various parameters such as Product, Source, Executive, Campaign, Followups, Responses and Time Period.

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