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Some childhood lessons resonate so well in professional lives. Do you remember being told by your mother to be organized and keep things in place so that whenever required, you could find it easily? And touch your heart and say how many of us would do just the opposite! Yes, we have all gone through times when we have had to search various locations in the house for hours to look for that so important document that we thought we had kept it ‘safe.’  Such flashbacks bring a smile to our faces.  

In the same context, our professional lives are no different. As businessmen, we may have many branches, and each branch is a deemed profit center. Where then is the so important document addressing the profitability of the business as a whole?  If there is a financial audit of the company and if the company has many branches across the state, I pity for the accounting professional of that company if he is working on a traditional accounting software. Gathering the financial data scattered amongst the branch offices including the headquarters could be a herculean task to manage.

When a company has many branches, unless uniform systems are consciously placed, it is quite likely that a particular department would have a different approach to maintaining their financial data. In total, there is a diverse amount of data to be collected during the financial audit of the company. It becomes challenging for an accountant working for that company. Also, the owner of the company cannot track the day-to-day business accounting, sales, and other KPIs.  Enter Tez ERP – the solution that integrates multi-location data and presents a dashboard with complete statistics on the business. This is what it does:
  • Tez ERP can create multiple branch accounts in a single software and users can enter all sales, inventory, purchase and other accounting information in various branches.  It can be managed individually by the owner.
  • The software lets you view all information in real-time with a click of your finger.
  • It helps to track day-to-day sales, cash, and stock in each branch.
  • It helps you to consolidate reports from all the branches of the company and also individual branch reports whenever required 
  • It actually saves time, physical power and cost involved in maintaining the financial data. 
You know its all about being a tech-savvy. Some of the business professionals still follow the old school method of preserving the physical data in every branch of the company.  But who would like to have a pack of files stuffed inside a closet in the offices? In my personal opinion, it just adds to the clutter. 

Tez ERP, the cloud-based accounting software solution gives you the flexibility of documentation without physical storage. And it is entirely risk-free. Yes and one significant thing - you are also contributing to the environment when physical data is not stored in piles of files but a virtual data center. Wastage of paper is reduced to a great extent. In other accounting software, there are restrictions on making a copy of the software without paying for every location, if there are multiple branches. However, In Tez ERP, a single copy can be used and can be operated from any center. This calls for considerable savings in the business. 

Well, this is one software that has it all. If you have not read our previous blogs, do return to my Blog page here and explore everything that this software can do. And if reading is not your passion, drop in for a coffee with a seven day Free Trial offer. Get in touch with us at 77138771771.

About Author: Alok Nigam
Alok Nigam

My company, Innovative ERP Solutions Ltd. (IESL) is an ISO certified company with each key members having more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) sector. I was the former Managing Director of 21st Century Computers Ltd and independently handled a group turnover of 250 million INR with 82 employees and five branches. My company has designed various software solutions that are satisfactorily being used by Corporates, SMEs, Chartered Accountants, Housing Societies, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Coaching classes. Our leading product, WebEdiy, is used by over 1000 institutes in 30+ cities across the country.

You can connect with me on +91 9870 200 250 or meet over a cup of coffee to know how our products can help you Automated your business.

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