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In a DIY world, the very first thing we look for while purchasing a product is the “Easy to Use” feature. Nowadays we do not have time to sit and explore the usage instructions of the products as it is quite a time-consuming process. In the meanwhile, delay in our work is something which we cannot afford, and it’s true that people or for a matter of fact working professionals always look out for the easiest way to do things appropriately. 

Everyone wants a product that makes their job simpler. The same goes for accounts professionals or executives who are working with big companies, and we are not excluding the fact that an Accounting Software is the need of an hour for small businesses as well. The availability of different accounting software in the market is multiplying rapidly. However, the user interface provided by them is a bit of a challenge when it comes to being user-friendly. They say, “ The most advanced software in the world has little value if people don’t use it.” In the field of IT, making software less complicated is a feat that minority of engineers have established. One such software is Tez ERP, An accounting software made with such precision that every minute detail about accounting and book-keeping is taken into consideration. The below points emphasize the usability of Tez ERP:

  • It is a software built for people with a basic computer and accounting knowledge. The need to hire a trained or skilled staff for operating the software is eliminated. 
  • The user interface and functionality of the software go hand in hand while using the software. 
  • Tez ERP accounting software has a zero learning curve, and you need not have a certificate or a particular crash course required for operating the software. 
  • The easy to use feature in Tez ERP helps to save time and reducing costs. 
  • The software eliminates the need to hire extra trained staff to operate the accounting software to do the day-to-day accounting.

Technology was developed to ease the mundane jobs of humanity so that they can use their energy in more productive areas. In this sense Tez ERP can be stated as a boon to the accounting professionals,  making their job easier and simpler without wasting their valuable time. A small shoutout to the professionals working - why indulge the complicated programs when there is help at hand that can provide you a lot more in a more straightforward format.

We would love to hear from you over a cup of coffee at our office. We insist you try it once and subscribe to the Free 7 day trial of Tez ERP and you would love us even more after that. Get in touch with us at +91 77138 771 771.

About Author: Alok Nigam
Alok Nigam

My company, Innovative ERP Solutions Ltd. (IESL) is an ISO certified company with each key members having more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) sector. I was the former Managing Director of 21st Century Computers Ltd and independently handled a group turnover of 250 million INR with 82 employees and five branches. My company has designed various software solutions that are satisfactorily being used by Corporates, SMEs, Chartered Accountants, Housing Societies, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Coaching classes. Our leading product, WebEdiy, is used by over 1000 institutes in 30+ cities across the country.

You can connect with me on +91 9870 200 250 or meet over a cup of coffee to know how our products can help you Automated your business.

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